Our Team:


Jason is a dog trainer, dog walker, dog lover and dog-resident of Park Slope, Brooklyn! 
He is a member of the South Slope Dog Association and runs Buddha Dog Training Services.

"Being a dog walker/dog trainer in Brooklyn is the best job I could think of!!! I'm So Happy to be able to work with animals every day!"

When he is not taking care of Park Slope's animals he can be found taking pictures of Park Slope's animals, playing music, watching "Cesar Milan" or eating good food;)


Saruh is a New York City-bred dog-lover, musician and student of Chinese medicine. She's spent most of her life with dogs, and is thrilled to be working as a dog-walker. 

"There's nothing like spending a day with dogs to lift your spirit, and make you feel positive!"

When she is not walking dogs, Saruh is either playing guitar, singing for her band, studying the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine, or walking around the five boroughs.


Kat is a bicycle mechanic and percussionist, trained in various musical styles from around the globe.  She is excited to spend her days riding around Brooklyn and taking care of the pups of Park Slope.  She can be found drumming in several bands, performing with various percussion ensembles, building drums, or riding one of her many bikes.


Austen is a musician who lives in Kensington, Brooklyn with his wife.  Along with recording and performing music Austen is working towards  becoming a credentialed prevention specialist.  When not hanging with the dogs, he can be found practicing his bass guitar, biking around Brooklyn and enjoying the newlywed life!


Tyisha was born in Brooklyn, and currently resides in Sunset Park with her rescue dog Max.  When she isn't walking dogs, she works as a cheesemonger in Park Slope.  Her hobbies include knitting, learning about cheese, cooking for her family, and spending time with her dog Max.


"Brad is a singer, songwriter and pianist currently living in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. When he's not walking dogs, he can be found performing around the city, practicing photography, or exploring New York City's vast music and arts scene."


Justin moved to Brooklyn from Massachusetts four years ago.  He now resides by Prospect Park with his two dogs Gnudi and Yogi.  Justin loves to laugh and teach his dogs new tricks.  In addition to his passion for dogs,  Justin is an avid video gamer, an excellent cook and an aspiring Entomologist.  One day he wishes to visit a Costa Rican jungle to explore insects. 


Originally from Florida, Missy relocated to Park Slope last year.  Animals have always been a part of her life on both a personal and professional level.  She has worked as a marine mammal trainer with dolphins and sea lions for over 12 years and is passionate about their care and welfare.  She currently has an amazing rescue dog that she adopted while living in the Bahamas.  Missy enjoys spending the day with Park Slope’s furry residents.

Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, 
Sunset Park, Boerum Hill.