Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mr. Cicero, 2002 - 2014, We will Miss You!!!

Cicero was a beautiful French Bulldog who lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
We were his dog walkers for over 4 years.  

Cicero was always sleeping in his bed when we came to walk him and when he saw us he would pop up, walk to the door, and wait for his harness to be put on.  He was the best with his harness, always lifting his legs through the straps for me.  So cute!  

On walks, Cicero would pee pee right away and then try and rush back inside for bed, but with a little encouragement we could always get him walking.  

He loved going to the Pet Store on 5th ave to visit the birds and rabbits.  He loved sun bathing on his front steps.  Sometimes I could even get him to run next to my bike.  Of course, he loved getting treats after his walk.  But most of all I think he loved sleeping :)

His doggie friends; Roxy, Pickle and JB will miss him too!

Lots of Love,
Jason, Saruh, Chris, Kat, Stephanie, Ashley, Walker & Austen!